Opening event: Camp.Essen at ComIn

Kick-off for the Ruhr:Hub

Even though we chose the company headquarters quite deliberately, this evening once again demonstrated to us as the neomatt team just how advantageous it actually is. Because with the decision to select ComIn as the camp for the Ruhr:Hub Essen, it became a place where startups will henceforth meet existing companies and interaction will be the focus.

The Ruhr:Hub aims to promote the digital economy and is supported by the state of NRW. Several cities in the Ruhr region have joined forces to accomplish this task, and so subordinate, specialized camps are now being created in various locations. ComIn in Essen, our company headquarters, has been chosen as the location for one of these camps. This is a very interesting development from which we will also benefit and through which we will encounter new and exciting opportunities.

On Friday, 11.11.2016, Camp.Essen was officially inaugurated during an informative and entertaining evening event. The event surprised with some highlights for the guests and ensured a constant interaction among each other.

Jochen Fricke, Deputy Managing Director of the Essen Economic Development Corporation, and camp director Nils Ehle opened the evening. In a survey conducted beforehand, participants were able to express wishes for contacts that were important to them. Thus, the guests could be brought together with the desired contact partners directly at the check-in. With cool drinks and tasty snacks, the first getting to know each other took place.

After about an hour and a few drinks later, part two of the evening began. Jochen Fricke as well as Nils Ehle introduced in their speeches further camp employees and informed the numerous guests about the plans, goals and actions in the context of the Camp.Essen. For the further course of the program, they presented three action rooms: Room 1 became the stage for pitches, Room 2 aimed at getting to know grow-ups intensively and possible cooperation opportunities. Room 3 offered the chance to get actively involved in Camp.Essen as well as to express wishes about what kind of support one hopes for and can provide oneself.

Each guest passed through the three themed rooms and was able to get an idea of the start-ups, have initial discussions for a possible collaboration of any kind and exchange ideas with the others. Thus, all concerns were heard and the participants were given the opportunity to present themselves and their companies. In addition to Dirk Pessarra, our managing director of neomatt GmbH, the other guests also had a lot of fun with the supporting program and showed great interest in the theme rooms as well as in making new, exciting contacts.

Meanwhile, another highlight surprised the guests, who suddenly witnessed a strange means of transportation: Uli Sambeth, successful entrepreneur and at the same time developer of the innovative eBall, curved through the middle of the audience with his invention. Only recently seen on TV, where he had successfully presented his business idea in the TV show “Cave of the lions“, he presented himself with the eBall in action. His story shows how strong Essen is and what kind of creative minds this city is home to. We guests were also allowed to put the eBall through its paces! A completely new kind of vehicle, reminiscent of “Back to the Future”. It was a great experience to test such an entertaining means of transportation, because despite previous reservations, the eBall was easier to control than expected. In the video you can see how easy it is to control the eBall.

The opening ceremony was a successful start for getting to know the young start-ups and the already established, experienced companies. We are very pleased about the choice of location for Camp.Essen and hope for exciting cooperation opportunities as well as chances to advance the business sector digital economy in Essen together.

Here’s to good cooperation at all levels!

Convince yourself of the eBall in the following video!

Written by Jessica Schlechter on November 18, 2016

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