The 3D VR configurator

With the 3D configurator vrdoro-visualizer for your products, your customers can virtually experience different materials, colors and shapes of your product. After configuration, your customer can post the result on social media channels or share it with others via the personalized link, e.g. by email or WhatsApp. Your product can be purchased directly from the configuration page via your store solution or via a sales process provided by us.

As an all-in-one solution, vrdoro enables the presentation of products, locations and architectures in a virtual world. Sharing content increases visibility and reach.

Application examples are:

  • Show your products in a virtual environment in 3D and enable your customers to personalize your products
  • Present products that can also be viewed with a VR headset. No software installation is necessary
  • Explain your products to your customers with a VR headset or a browser VR-live session with real-time customization of your product
  • For construction, real estate and urban planning projects, convincing realistic views increase acceptance and marketing opportunities
  • Present yourself as a doer and increase your reputation and reach

Click here for the vrdoro-visualizer: vrdoro.com/visualizer

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