KIT and neomatt present themselves in the unperfect house

The goal to unite business and non-profit, to support teenagers and young adults on their professional life path as well as to expand learning through online knowledge and puzzle game opportunities was in the foreground of neomatt GmbH on April 20, 2017. The collaboration with KIT Initiative supports the guiding idea of finding a way to create something great. Because nowadays we live in a fast changing society, where information and knowledge are of great importance for the personal development of everyone.

The KIT Initiative wants to make a difference in Germany and it does so with full commitment. The promotion of talents with “heart and soul” as well as the development of learning places for their own realization are in the foreground of this project. We, neomatt GmbH, support this project and are of the opinion that the potential of young people can be optimally promoted with playful learning methods.

The renewed meeting with Hans-Georg Torkel, the first chairman of the KIT Initiative, turned out to be an informative as well as friendly encounter and was the beginning of a small city tour in Essen’s city center. We met enthusiastic people who support the initiative. Among them were local merchants, the pastor of the Kreuzeskirche, Steffen Peter Hunder and young adults representing their vision of a better future.

Our next stop was the Unperfekthaus, where the KIT Initiative’s traveling exhibition will stop from the beginning of April until the end of June. A joint banner of the KIT Initiative and neomatt GmbH was hung up with the active support of spectators present and is now part of the entrance area in the Unperfekthaus to draw attention to this important topic. This pilot project is intended to inspire others and was met with immediate interest from visitors on site. The positive reaction of the people gave us pleasure and confirmed that the cooperation of business and non-profit is a step in the right direction.

We are looking forward to further cooperation!

Written by Gina-Lisa Hißmann on April 24, 2017

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