Comenius-EduMedia-Award 2020

This year, the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI) presented the Comenius EduMedia Award for the 25th time. Seals and medals were awarded to remarkable digital educational media in terms of pedagogy, content and design for work, training, school, culture and leisure. From 14 countries, 183 manufacturers, publishers, projects and authors subjected their developments to a manufacturer-neutral quality test. A total of 155 seals were awarded in the four main categories “Didactic multimedia products, general multimedia products, teaching and learning management systems, and computer games with competence-promoting potential”. In addition, the 19 best projects received a Comenius medal.

Seal and medal winners in the category “technical and commercial education” were the companies edu:cube and neomatt GmbH with the jointly developed solution next:classroom. The learning management system (LMS) combines gamification and VR and offers easy access to the premium area of digital learning methods. In doing so, it makes reference to Comenius (1592-1670) himself, who propagated a systematic use of images in learning. In next:classroom, the school becomes a learning campus: teaching and learning spaces bring analog spatial concepts to life in combination with the user’s own smartphone. Learning becomes interactive and combines graphic learning worlds with challenging learning situations in which students have individual regulation options. When do I learn, where do I learn, how do I learn – the students decide for themselves! They acquire the potential to work independently, determine their learning pace and experience their self-efficacy day after day. Increased interaction through movement and cooperation with classmates leads to a sustainable improvement in social interaction. Teachers no longer teach “top-down” but become coaches and supporters of their students.

For the use of next:classroom in your company please contact

Dirk Pessarra

neomatt GmbH

Martin-Kremmer-Str. 12

45327 Essen

For the use of next:classroom in your school or educational institute, please contact

Steffen Schuster

edu:cube GmbH

neue Seiten der Bildung

Stiller Weg 15

22607 Hamburg

Further information can be found at:

next:classroom for your company

next:classroom for your educational institution

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