VR room

The VR room is entered by opening a URL in your browser. On all [icon name=”globe-asia” prefix=”fas”] supported devices you can see the VR views directly. On devices that enable immersive web views (e.g. VR headsets or suitable mobile devices), a button labelled “VR” is displayed at the bottom right.


At the top right of the panoramic view of the VR room you will see the following icons:

  • [icon name=”question” prefix=”fas”] : Opens the welcome message of this room.
  • [icon name=”camera” prefix=”fas”]: Takes a screenshot of the view and saves it.
  • [icon name=”share-alt” prefix=”fas”]: Opens a dialogue to share the room URL.
  • [icon name=”sign-out-alt” prefix=”fas”]: Allows you to log in or register.

The vrdoro logo on the right can be replaced by the maker of the room. At the bottom left you will find the privacy policy and the imprint.

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