The summer party of neomatt GmbH

Sun, excitement, game – Team El Pessarro saved the world

Also this year neomatt GmbH celebrated its annual summer party. This year it fell on the 16.09. The course of events was secret and once again guaranteed some surprises to the delight of all employees.

On Friday morning the remaining tasks were done and almost punctually at noon this time the “end of work” rang in prematurely. The managing director, Dirk Pessarra, led the team through the trendy district of Rüttenscheid in Essen. Already hungry and curious about the day, we could hardly wait to eat something delicious first. And so we arrived at our destination: Station 1 – Hans im Glück. Delicious burger creations, cold fruity drinks and a very appealing location were now waiting for us.

Off we went! Promising burgers were ordered, fruity drinks and cocktails were included and thus we sat in front of a richly set table. Still we were not inaugurated like the day should run now. The tension rose. After we dined wonderfully and had delicious drinks and cocktails, the mood rose and the journey now went to station 2.

Station 2 included a sporting activity, because now it was boßelt! Boßeln is a team sport and so we divided into two teams and varied the rules of the game a bit. The goal of boßeln is to cover a set distance with throws. Of course with as few throws as possible. Team A throws a ball as far as possible. Team B tries to throw a little further. If team B doesn’t make it, there is a penalty. The penalty for us was: one round of pinting for the losing team. From round to round and especially from lost round to lost round, the game became more entertaining. So it went in good weather across the Grugapark. With a lot of laughter, funny moments and sportive performance we spent some hours with boßeln. Broken pints were exchanged for cups with Disney characters, which suggested that the last stocks of children’s birthday paraphernalia had been plundered here 😉 A tip at this point: Boßeln better not play uphill 😉 In a good mood and slightly exhausted we went to station 3, the highlight of this day.

Now an Escape Game was on the plan! Now absolute team spirit and cohesion was required. So Team El Pessarro started in the MysteryRoom “Alarm im Schacht”! (www.mystery-rooms.com) We were supposed to save the world before a dangerous bomb exploded and had catastrophic consequences for our planet. No sooner said than done – off we went! Time pressure, tricky puzzles and several rooms were waiting for us. Time was running out and the puzzles were getting harder and harder. But a good team sticks together, works out and solves even the most difficult tasks 😉 In the given time we solved all the puzzles in a super teamwork and could finally defuse the bomb. Team El Pessarro saved the world!

So a nice and especially funny summer party came to an end. We are already looking forward to the next one and are excited to see who else will join our growing team by then! If you meet the following criteria, you might already be our next team member: We are looking for you!

Pictures from the summer party 2016:

Written by Jessica Schlechter on September 27, 2016

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