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There are situations in life that, unfortunately, everyone knows: who has not searched in a hurry for his keys, his bag or even the beloved stuffed animal of his child in tears? We waste a lot of life time looking for things we don’t want to be without. This costs time, nerves and sometimes even tears and money.

neomatt GmbH, based in Essen, offers a solution to this well-known problem. How does it work?

Using your own smartphone, you can track down little fancy SpotterBees via the free SpotterBee app. Once attached to things that could get lost, the app helps you find them. SpotterBees and -App form a small innovative everyday helper duo that you quickly do not want to be without. Due to the small size (3-4 cm depending on the model) of the SpotterBees you can easily attach them to bags, keychains, pets, suitcases or jackets. In the photo you can see our SpotterBees in different shapes and colors.

Thanks to the clear overview and ease of use of the SpotterBee app, finding the objects you are looking for is child’s play. The app shows which SpotterBees are nearby via the Bluetooth Low Energy standard. A visual indicator and an acoustic signal supports the search for the thing you are looking for. Is the key ring now here at the coat rack in one of the jackets or has it already wandered with the jacket into the closet three rooms away? One look at the app quickly tells you. The app offers the possibility to manage several SpotterBees and to provide them with a name and a photo.

There are numerous application possibilities to use SpotterBee: Whether the cat has hidden or the dog has looked for a quiet place to sleep. It also makes it easier to supervise children. A SpotterBee in the jacket of the children and the app alerts you when your child moves too far away.

One of the next functional enhancements will allow user-controlled pairing of multiple smartphones to form search networks.

neomatt GmbH is developing methods of in-house localization by using smartphone sensors. In the future, it will be possible to get the location of valued things displayed, as well as to be guided inside in buildings.

SpotterBee is now available in our online store: www.spotterbee.com

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Written by Jessica Schlechter on August 24, 2015

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