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next:classroom is the e-learning system of the future in the field of school education. Through next:classroom, our client edu:cube is consistently developing its offering for vocational schools. Via the app developed by neomatt GmbH, the teaching content provided by the school is offered to the student virtually. Each student can solve the tasks assigned to him or her individually or in a group. The playful character makes learning fun and by appealing to the different senses, the information is absorbed more sustainably. In next:classroom, questions can be answered by pointing to the right place on the physical learning wall: Where is the “circulus arteriosus cerebri” located? The learner, who has now once gone to the head of the 2.20 m x 7 m plastic learning wall and given the correct answer through image recognition, will not easily forget what he has learned. This is because with the actions for answering the question (see, read, walk, aim at the position with the smartphone) and the feedback from the app (haptic, visual and acoustic reward), the learning content will be better remembered because it has been experienced with different senses.

next:classroom offers the interactive flashcards, messenger features, user map, and battle feature from 7t5 and beyond:

  • Graphically appealing learning paths, in which the learning content can be followed on a walking path
  • Different types of tasks, such as multiple-choice flashcards, graphical question cards, picture puzzles, picture recognition, sorting and matching
  • Content management for different types of media to create the tasks
  • Research modes to create hot spots for the student to explore the learning wall
  • Definition of the feedback mechanisms
  • Mapping of school and class structures
  • Learning portfolio of the student as a summary of what has been learned so far
  • Overview of the learning progress of the students
  • Scoring system to help students make progress decisions

Each learning wall can be used across subjects. The content can be designed interactively by the school and teachers.

neomatt GmbH develops the new learning concepts in close cooperation with the client. Last week, the first learning wall together with the app was presented to the very interested press and more than 50 vocational school principals at a school in Hamburg. The audience as well as the press were enthusiastic.

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Written by Jessica Schlechter on June 29, 2016

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