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On July 6, 2014, a storm depression with peak speeds of up to 131 km/h passed over the south and southwest of Luxembourg. In the Steinfort forest district, in the Härebësch between Koerich and Septfontaines, there was considerable throwing and breaking damage. Due to the immense damage and the special damage pattern, the thunderstorm was a supra-regionally significant event. Landscape, ecological and economic criteria were the main focus for the Nature Administration (ANF) when dealing with the storm areas. In order to document this event and make it accessible to the public, the ANF decided to create a forestry nature trail on the topic of “storm damage” and also to prepare the event virtually.

For this purpose, the nature management company offers further information in the form of photos on the development of individual areas, videos from a bird’s eye view and an example of a 3D laser scan measurement via a website developed by the company Geocoptix and the app implemented by neomatt. Panoramic images in the app show different locations and allow different angles of view of the scenes. Features in the app include:

  • Display of text, data and visuals about the nature trail.
  • Display of videos
  • Panoramic images
  • Scanning of QR-codes of information boards along the trail and display of extended information about them
  • Map with positions where information about the geo-position is displayed
  • Push notifications when reaching a geo-location

With the exception of the videos, all information in the app is made available offline. Due to the cross-platform realization method of neomatt GmbH, the app could be created and launched in the app stores for Android and iOS at the same time. The app was created in close cooperation with the client. The reference can be viewed on our reference page.

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Written by Jessica Schlechter on June 28, 2016

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