Inspire customer, sell more!

SpotterBee allows customers to find your products in your retail store. Using their own smartphone, your customer can discover interesting items and topics, as well as be navigated through rooms and buildings. Customers can be alerted to products near them without having to use employees as a scarce resource. Our SpotterBee product solution is cost-effective, innovative and offers the following added values:

SpotterBee closes the gap between online and stationary trade

The fashionable blouse appeals. But what goes with it? Maybe a new skirt or even a new pair of shoes? What meets interested customers in the fashionable department store also works in the supermarket. You can easily mark special offers with SpotterBees. Suggest suitable accompanying products. After all, if you’re buying vanilla pudding powder, you could also use almonds or raspberry sauce. Introduce cooking recipes and compile shopping lists, and recommend the matching skirt to go with the blouse.

Tracking and navigation for stronger customer loyalty.

SpotterBee ensures that shopping trips through your store become an experience for your customer. Welcome them via push message when they enter the store, give coupons for repeat customers, inform them about special offers and products, navigate them through your store via location and recommend matching products to their previous purchases. Open matching product pages from your store when the customer photographs an object from a display case. And the salesperson in the vicinity is automatically invited to the customer. There are few limits to implementation ideas thanks to SpotterBee in combination with additional sensors and image recognition. Locate your customers and staff and send them information about their visit and additional service information. Thus, you turn satisfied customers into enthusiastic customers and intensify customer loyalty!

Create your new uniqueness – Become distinctive with your new USP!

The numerous application examples of SpotterBee provide your company with a high degree of flexibility in the implementation and use of ideas. With the use of SpotterBee, branded in your CI, you stand out from the usual market and competition, develop yourself anew and create your own (new) uniqueness.

Offer: We are looking for reference customers!

Become our reference customer and get 50% discount on your first order! Together with you we plan the use of our business solution SpotterBee for your business. Benefit from the advantages of SpotterBee and the low setup costs! Go new ways and inspire your customers.

Market analysis: How do you imagine your business in the future?

Take part in our market analysis! To do so, send an e-mail to info@neomatt.de and receive the results once the analysis is complete! Participation is free of charge and without obligation.

Written by Tobias Engelberg on April 6, 2016

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