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Entrepreneurs are people who take action – They are talents and pioneers of society who recognize a goal and walk the path to get there. They are like lighthouses and their projects are the beacons that show others the way. We as neomatt GmbH also count ourselves among these pioneers with our developments. We have been rewarded for our commitment by being accepted into Hans-Georg Torkel’s European Innovation House network. The European Innovation House is the product of his 20 years of work, which consists of Europe-wide communication between education, innovation and cooperation with non-profit inventor associations. The focus here is on tinkering and inventing technical or social innovations. In 2020, 4500 European LinkedIn contacts were created in 5 months of which 600 “talents of society” were included in the Network European Innovation House. These talents, pioneers, people with big hearts and smart minds should light the way, refine and redevelop everywhere. Through the project, they should become visible to others and develop into a “wildfire” in geographical Europe. The aspect of economic development is at the forefront of its projects. Young talents are to be discovered and promoted, so that in the long term new jobs are created through ideas.

On 07.09.2020, education expert, innovator, local and European activist Hans-Georg Torkel celebrated his 70th birthday. During his professional career as principal at two vocational colleges in North Rhine-Westphalia, he privately initiated several projects. For example, he founded the MINT association KIT-Initiative Deutschland e.V. to promote innovative projects in a realistic way at extracurricular learning sites. KIT stands for creativity, innovation and technology. The association promotes talents of all age groups individually and also supports social projects. For example, the foundation awards scholarships for further education or study. In addition, the association cooperates with the German, European, and international inventor associations. Mr. Torkel himself was chairman of the German Inventors’ Association and vice president of the European Inventors’ Association. To establish a place for development he founded the Creative Workshop of the Future (KdZ). A Friday school where teachers invest five hours of their overtime per week free of charge to enable lifelong and discovery learning for young and old. There, local talents also report on their skills. Another project is the Network of Innovative Citizens (NiBB), which works with entrepreneurs to celebrate their successes and awards three NiBB Innovation Prizes each year. Since 2000, a total of 70 NiBB Innovation Prizes have been awarded. Examples are Prof. Hans Küng and the Weltethos Stiftung, Jean Pütz with his Volksbildung im TV and Dr. Franz Alt and Biggi Alt with the Sonnenseite. His last project was the foundation of the European Institute Education, Innovations, Digitalization. It offers in-service training to become a talent and pioneer in society. Successful practical examples are further developed through discovery and practice in the local creative workshop of the future. At the beginning of the year, Hans-Georg Torkel received the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon for his comprehensive commitment, which he dedicates to his professional and private companions. We congratulate him on his award and sincerely thank him for the inclusion in the Network European Innovation House!

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