Linden Gallery: VR tour on 600 m²

Do you know the extraordinary studio and working space of Sharyar Azhdari? In the Linden Gallery he creates and presents his self-created art objects on more than 600 m². At the same time, his studio is not only an exhibition space and workroom, but also an architectural office! Because together with his wife Azadeh, he works in these rooms with other employees as a team of architects.

We have created a virtual VR tour for this extraordinary arrangement. Using the Matterport camera, we photographed the rooms, which span 2 floors, in over one hundred 360-degree photographs.

Click here for the VR tour: Lindengalerie: 360 Grad-Rundgang

We are also happy to create your VR tour, 3D product presentation or a 3D configurator so that your prospects become your customers. As a member of a Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain mastermind, I would be happy to personally advise you on these topics.

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Written by Dirk Pessarra on October 4, 2022

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